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Phoenix, Byron Long

Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy a pair of perfect big hooters, and it's even better when those giant boobies end up being large and chocolate. They're hard to resist, and once Phoenix comes out you won't be able to take your eyes off of them. Before long this gorgeous dark diva is making sure to mash those tits together perfectly, staring straight at you as she does so. Byron Long can't keep his hands off of those melons, although he also requires to slide his oversize pecker straight to that slot.

Tina, Darren James, Devlin Weed

This gorgeous black amateur is looking for some extra cock, so she calls in hardcore porn stars Devlin Weed and Darren James to give her a brutal double teaming. She gets comfortable on the bed with the two gentlemen, who pull off her bikini bottoms and pulls her bra to one side to reveal her nice breasts with pointy nipples. After she has sucked both men to a full erection, they take turns hammering both her holes. At first they fuck her tight pussy, but then she gets on top and rides their pricks reverse cowgirl with her anus. She moans and squeals while they fill up her tight butt, finally both delivering two huge semen facials.

Annabelle, Lee Bang, Nathan Threat

Bootyful black bitch Annabelle shows off her moist backside for the camera while dressed in a bra and hot shorts. She answers some questions before being joined by two horny dark dudes, and they help her undress before spreading her backside cheeks to show off her asshole and pink fuckhole. She sucks one hard wang while getting fucked doggy style, and she drops to her knees to blow each of them in turn. She rides a rod cowgirl and sits on one man's face so he can eat her out. She takes it missionary, and she gets back on all fours so each dude can blow their loads all over her fat rump.

Brandi, Gorgus Drae

In this hot kitchen sex flick, beautiful dark diva Brandi is standing around in some slutty underwear eating oranges when her dude Gorgus Drae sneaks up behind her. He cups her juggs and nibbles at her ear lobes and before long she is sitting on the bench with her legs spread while he licks her ebony vagina. This turns in to some extremely hot 69ing followed by an extensive beaver pounding. There's something about the kitchen that really gets this bitch hot, and the slut lies on her back spreading her legs wide and pleading for that huge wang. Wouldn't you love to be a muscle bound guy giving this gorgeous brown diva the pumping of her life?

Asia, Seth Dickens

Asia is a sexy Asian babe with a body that is made to be naked. Her cooter is pierced and is always dripping. She danced around showed off her perky tits and nice round ass then she went onto all fours and started mouthing Seth. She got her mouth banged like she was born to suck penis then she spun around and let him grab her hips and pull her back on his thick dickhead. He slammed that pierced dripping fuck pie so good that he turned her out and and made her is personal meatstick slave. She didn't want him to ever stop but he had to pop so he splattered her face with sticky cum.

Lona Layman, Byron Long

Byron Long is transporting the banner of power and lust from one place to another. It's his job to be sure it makes it to it's proper destination, but there's a problem. Wherever you fly that banner, even if it's not entirely visible, you bring the scent of power and the desire of lust with you. Lona Layman was just near his car when he stopped to get better directions and when he came back she was probing herself all over his hood. She feel straight to her knees and started blowing him off, delaying him.

Candy Heart, Rock The Icon

This hot interracial episode opens on the seductive frame of petite college babe Candy Heart. This gorgeous blond has a fantastic, slim and toned body. She has a perfect little ass but larger juggs than you expect - she's the perfect package! After she has shown off her flawless body, she is joined on the couch by enormous dark porn star Rock the Icon. He wastes no time in smalltalk, spreading Candy's legs and then driving his weiner right up inside her with one rough thrust. Soon he is hammering away at her tight pink hole like a madman and Candy is helpless to do anything but take this hard and extreme vaginal punishment.

Black Cat, Guy DaSilva, Julian St. Jox

This is the most banged up game of strip poker I've ever seen; the men play poker while a totally stacked dark babe strips. You can bet your backside it didn't take long for them to put down the cards and start grabbing their tools. This Nubian nymph totally loved every moment of this awesome threesome too!

Nichelle Lanier, Anthony Hardwood

Nichelle Lanier is the hottest dark nurse that you're ever going to see, and you'll know that she is going to just drive you banging wild if she started doing an examination on you. Her hands run up and down her patient, Anthony Hardwood's body. Her tits are nearly bursting out of of her nurse's uniform, and she's horny as can be. Before long she is bursting out of her uniform, throwing it off to the side and making sure that she takes full advantage of Anthony's hardwood. Now that's fucking hot.

Mika Brown, Olivia Winters, Mr. Marcus

Dark stud Mr Marcus sure is a bad booty pimp motherfucker! He's fucked more hot womans than a cop eats donuts. In this hot threesome scene he gets dirty with Olivia Winters and Mika Brown, two hot dark tarts with phat booties that deserve to be pounded. He goes wild on his two bitches, bending them both over on the couch and plugging one slit and then the other, encouraging the whore that's getting fucked to lick the other bitch's coochie. He's a true player and commands his whores like an expert, getting every drop of banging satisfaction he can out of the two torrid starlets. He blows on both their faces and leaves to fuck his next bitch.

Morgan Lezlee, Ray Black

You know that ebony beauties have the best goddamn booties in the world, and Morgan Lezlee is just proving this every step of the way. Her butt is so damn phat that it needs its own zip code, and you'll find that she loves shaking it all over the place to show it off. Ray Ebony gets hard just looking at that luscious anus, and before long he has her on her knees in front of him, sucking away at that dong. She ends up climbing on top of him, shaking with every jiggle of her rump. It's a great angle and she seems to be loving it.

Madison Monroe, Billy Banks

Some hotties are complete size queens, and the elegant looking Madison Monroe is one of them. She just loves getting her mouth wrapped around a shaft that is almost too massive for her throat, let alone her firm, cute little snatch. Now she does look like a bit of a prissy tramp when you first see her, but she unthaws quickly and is very enjoyable in the sack. You know that Billy Banks has no complaints when it comes to this innocent, horny, and above all else wild chick in the bedroom. She loves going through every position in the book for fun.

Paris, Vin Turner, Wesley Pipes

If you've ever wanted to have a sexy nurse stop by to take care of you, you need to think about calling in an ebony hottie. This dark skinned beauty is ready to make sure that you're in perfect health and she has a few unconventional ways of making that happen. One of them just happens to be putting her pussy to the test, putting it in her charge's face and making them eat it out for its healing powers. Of course then the follow up treatment happens to involve having rather loud and vigorous sex.

Jade, Mr. Johnson

Jade is an ebony goddess who is willing to fuck for cash. They lay the money out for her and she gets busy sucking on a big black dick. She can barely fit his huge rod in her mouth and she opens wide so she can drill for oil. While he's thrusting his cock down her throat, Jade rubs her pussy till it's soaking wet. Finally after she's bent over the couch, he rams it into her young cunt and gives her glistening sugar walls a good poking. He bangs Jade that way for awhile until she finally rides on top of him, probing herself deeply. She is fucked in all ways until he finally erupts a thick shot of jizz from his nut sack.

Cherokee D'Ass, Dwayne Cummings

Backside bouncing and booty shaking open this vid, with her ebony behind on display Cherokee loves to shake it for the camera. Dwayne comes in and spreads her cheeks wide then sits back and lets her wrap her lips around his long schlong, with her butt in the air she bobs her head up and down on his shaft making her rump bounce with the rhythm. With her knees against her chest, she lays back so Dwayne can penetrate her beaver before rolling her over to squeeze her cheeks together and fuck her doggy style. He bangs her in a variety of positions that show case her bodacious booty making it wiggle and thump.

Jessica Right, Ice Cold

Gorgeous college woman Jessica Right has never taken a large ebony cock in her coochie before, but she has heard stories about how once you go black you never go back so she is keen to give it a try. Her stud for the day is ebony porn star Ice Freezing, who knows exactly how to break a naughty white bitch down. As soon as she has that big black cock in her mouth, Jessica is sold; the musky scent of that dark meat and her guy's pubic hair fills her nostrils and she realises that she was born to be a dark pecker whore. Her tight white snatch takes a enormous amount of effort to break open - it's just so tight - but ends up taking the whole cock.

Lita, Joe Cool

Lita is a super cute Asian girl that enjoys wearing sexy stockings to entice big dick guys to slam their meat home into her sweet ass. She offers up that booty like you wouldn't believe, wiggling it around and showing it off. Of course she isn't just a teaser - she ends up getting the attention of Joe Cool, who is enticed by that beautiful booty she is sporting. She opens it up to give him a taste, but he ends up just diving deep into that ass and slamming his cock all the way up to the hilt - her moaning was incredible.

Damayanti Rashmi, Martie Granville

That degenerate perveyor of Indian girls, Martie Granville, is in for a real treat tonight! He has got one of the best whores in all India, Damayanti Rashmi. This girl really knows how to pleasure a man and she is well known for providing above and beyond the required level of service. She's the kind of whore who genuinely enjoys her work and wants her man to have a good time! Martie sits back in amazement as she gives him some great oral along with a skilled handjob that almost has him spurting right then and there. Then she climbs on top and takes him inside her cunt with no condom whatsoever - better watch out, you might catch something!

Nyomi Zen, Manuel Ferrara

Nyomi Zen is a sexy Asian babe with a banging body and a pussy so tight it will clamp down on your cock. She loves white guys and Manuel Ferrara decided he wanted to give her all she could handle. He licked her sweet little ass then had her suck his cock before he rolled her over onto her side and slid his dick into that tight love box. He fingered her clit as he slammed his cock in and out of her slanted pussy. She wanted it deep so she got on top of him and rode his dick balls deep insider her, losing her mind with pleasure as she bounced. Her pussy is so good he had to cum so he pulled out and fed her a hot sticky load.

Suckable, Mr. Rock

The name of this thick ebony starlet is Suckable, and it's definitely appropriate - just look at those dripping pussy lips! All cooters are different, but this particular black bitch has got an extremely wet and attractive looking beaver. She has extremely uniform labial lips and you can virtually see the wetness juicy off her cooch. She really gets a good slamming on the couch by dude Mr Rock, who lays out a sheet to catch all of her juices. Rock has got a huge tool and he gives it to her in just about every position that that there is, totally dominating her and squashing her down into the back of the couch while he deep strokes her.

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